Tfv4 mini deck. better way to wick and coil?

I've had the tank for about 3 weeks. I bought the tank only for the deck anyways. The prebuilt coils just leak and get way too hot too quick.

I was using the prebuilt .8 ohm (reads .72 ohm) Clapton coil that came installed already on the deck. Works alright but I got sick of it spitting juice in my mouth.

Now I've got a 28 gauge twisted coil at .62 ohm that I do like a lot more (no spit back). but it seems to just want to scorch the cotton above about 23 watts if I drag it for more than…

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Sub Ohm on Regulated Series Mod

Hello Folks,

First off I want to introduce myself as I am new to the forum and for a good reason. I started vaping in about June of 2017 as I was starting my journey on quiting chewing Tobacco. I have been very successful and love vaping as an alternative. My first mod was a Smok GX2/4. I know its a big boy for a beginner but for some reason I have natural iron lungs and can take the clouds it produces without choking. I eventually got a TFV12 tank for it and I LOVE IT. Most of the coils

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Squonking enclosure

Not sure if this has been asked before. I couldn’t find anything. If there is…mods, can you move it.

I have never been into squonking mods or squonking but I am wanting to try my hand at building a squonk mod. I have no clue on what do use. I have some N1’s enclosure mods and I have a couple B enclosures. I do use lipos and have a couple smaller lipos I could use in the squonk enclosure. Just need to be pointed in the right direction as far as enclosures to use. Thanks guys!

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D1 sub-ohm tank

Hello everyone. I have a D1 sub-ohm tank made by UWELL. This tank is marketed as a leak proof tank. It is designed with a bottom cup to collect condensation and e-juice. Does anyone have or use this tank? Mt tank does not leak in the "normal" sense of the word leak. However, when condensation and e-juice collect in the cup on the bottom of the tank it seeps out around the firing pin. Is this normal for this type of tank? Is there something wrong with my tank? Also, will this seepage…

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Mosfet Rating Clarification

Hi all

I have, so far, been bulding mods using a mosfet and a resistor as this seems the safest way to use a non mechanical switch on a mechanical mod. I have been using a 3034 195amp 40v mosfet and a15kamp 1v resistor. I've had good results on a series 18650 box drawing around 20 amps.

I now want to build a parallel box where I may be drawing more like 30 or 40 amps, or even a triple box where I could be drawing even more (you do the math lol). Simple I thought. However somebody on…

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