4 battery series/parallel regulated squonk mod

I am thinking about making a squonk mod as above. I am not a builder, but I get the feeling this is a niche that has one person in it, so I don't think that any company is going to make one of these. I have a couple of ideas.

1. Frankenstein one together. My idea is to get a Kanger Five6 that has a bad board, and modify it to hold 4 batteries and a squonk bottle. For a board and maybe a display I have a Wismec RX300. The main problem I see with this route is that the reason I no longer use…

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OK so basically i want to put some(x2) 18650 batteries i have to use as basically a backup to my evod(cheap clone …. i guess).. not trying to sub ohm or any of that crazy …. yet i just want to have an alternative power source for use with the mt3 tank that i have. so ive got some tact buttons a few other random buttons i can utilize.. so from what ive seen around the net its adviseable to use a mosfet with the button. i have these mosfets lying around and wondered if they would work for…

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