A couple lipo questions

Not sure if this is the right place for my questions so if it's not, moderators, can you move it to the correct sub-forum?

So I'm getting my first lipo box built for me and I ordered a MaxAmps 2800 mAh 4s battery for it. I also have the IMAX B6AC. I have 2 questions. To anyone out there that has this charger and has a larger battery like the one I'll be using, how fast does it take to charge the battery? Like 18650's, shorter or longer?

Next question, if it takes a while (hours) to…

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Enclosure to fit 30mm RDA/RTA

I'm looking for a CNC enclosure that will be able to have a 30mm RDA/RTA sit on top w/o overhang. Does anybody have any clues on what enclosure would work?

I also have a 40mm Mason and a 41mm Voltrove that I would like to use but I don't think there is an enclosure that would fit that size. If there is let me know which one would work.

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