Building my first lipo PWM mod

I've been building unregulated and mech mods for a while now and I'm wanting to try my hand at building a lipo PWM mod in a CNC 1590N1 enclosure so if I want to go with a larger battery in the future I will have the room instead of building another box. I've just started my research and just wanted to post a thread to ask if anybody has made one (or multiples) and found something that works better than others, found something that made it easier, opinions on batteries (which ones are better…

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Respected sir:

I met some troubles and I want to ask you some help. Please allow me to express my appriciate to you in advance.

Now my situation is: It’s normal when using battery to provide system with power supply. The power supply is 5V. But it can’t supply electricity to battery.

Can anyone here tell me solutions or some feasible suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

Ohm’s law calculator question (+the silly thing I did)

Okay, so. First off, I'm feeling like a dork (that story comes later)*. Now I'm trying to use the steam-engine calculator, and I had a few quick questions (that are probably also dumb, but I do want to make I've got this before I do my first build today).

So, after being shocked by the results, I figured out that you put your target/max V you'll use into the calculator, not the max V of your battery, correct? (I got something like 800W before I figured that out). And the W the calculator…

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"Max Tank" sub series atomizer short error

Apologies if this isn't the right thread, I'm totally new here.
My brand new Vapouriz max tank arrived today, but I haven't been able to use it as I keep getting either "Atomizer short" or "Atomizer open" errors. The coil is definitely compatible as it arrived already in the tank. I have tried adjusting the contacts, to no avail, and I can't think of anything else to try.
I'm really hoping this can be fixed; it's the first decent (in theory) vape I've owned and I've been waiting for it a…

<a href="”>"Max Tank" sub series atomizer short error