Internal battery mod modded for external

So i have a smok osub plus 80w with internal batteries and had an idea, converting it to use external/replaceable batteries instead of internal batteries. Has anyone done something like this? Maybe not with this mod, but with another regulated internal battery mod? I typed a few different ways to say it in the search bar, and google, but couldnt find anything.

Insomnia makes me think too much lol.

Interested in Uwell Crown 3 but my VT167 has 6V cutoff

Hey all, I bought a Hcigar VT167(DNA250) and Big Baby beast in February, love the mod, the baby beast had some issues for me… Anyway I decided to use my Uwell Crown again yesterday and I found out the Hcigar VT167 has a 6V cut off making it not great for 0.5 ohm coils, especially SS since its resistance goes up as you fire. The mod would keep reading "Ohm too high" at around 67 watts (power).

If I get the Crown 3 and want to use my VT167 I suppose I should only order 0.25 SS coils,…

<a href="”>Interested in Uwell Crown 3 but my VT167 has 6V cutoff