Opinions please, creating a eleaf 100w TC squonk box

To start out, I think this mod would be possible. The mod works with one battery but holds two. The one below the 510 would be converted to the squonk bottle holder. With a drill, a dremel, a bottle, some tubing, and a Fat daddy squonk 510 it would need limited parts. It would also be affordable. Granted it would not have the full 100w when done, but even a 50-75w tc squonk mod would be nice. Since they occasionally sell for about $20, the box could be made under $30 with some of the parts I…

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i’m not getting this. not trolling. real question.

i built my first fused clapton. two 26/36, then wrap the whole thing in 36. it came out to be .48 ohm. that part is fine. but if i try to vape this at 4.2v, ramp up time is too long. if i vape it at 55w, it's ok, but juice runs out so quick, i can't even get 3 puff before i taste cotton burning. what am i doing wrong? single coil in tokugawa rda with rx200.

Gutting a Noisy Cricket 2 to use in a custom box.

Has anyone attempted to gut parts from the NC 2 to use in a box mod? For those that havnt seen the new ones it is a very inexpensive mod with a ton of features

Both series and parallel
Regulated and unregulated series mode
battery life indication through backlit button
Couple build in protections

Before I destroy my NC2 was wondering if anyone had any experience with gutting this thing as it really is a genius design.

Diy regulated box question

hi everyone, i have an old smok xpro m65 and i want to make a triple parallel box mod with the m65 board, my question is about onboard charging that thing. it has the ability to charge at 2 amps , so if i use it to charge the 3 battery modification will it charge each battery at 660 mA??? and when the charging will stop? as soon as one battery reach 4.2 volt?? or because its parallel the batteries will equal their voltage evenly at any time???. is there a chance that it will have different…

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Building your own LIPO mod-Part 5-the installation

What happened to part 4?
I want part 4 to be on mosfets, but I do not feel I'm qualified or capable of describing or recommending a mosfet, so I urge all to seek more capable minds for information.
Tip- The biggest key to do it yourself work is to know when you're in over your head. If you understand the limits of your capabilities, and outsource what you cannot do, you will have a more pleasurable building experience, and a better final product.

So, if you've made it this far, now it's…

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