I need help…cup style battery contacts?

okay guys, i have designed a really nice 3×18650 dna 200/250 box mod. the battery sled i designed and 3d printed worked at first, but i hate the way the keystone sled contacts are damaging my wraps. so i was hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction to buy cup style contacts that are used in the reuleaux. so that way i can re-design the sled and print/install the new sled. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Building your own LIPO mod-Part 3- PWM

Disclaimer-I am not an expert! This is just information to point you in the right direction! Please thoroughly research everything you plan to use!

Pulse width Modulation
I think we've all done it before. Put huge coils in and cranked the power all the way up. Then we fire the device 3 or 4 times while inhaling, because if we don't, it would just be too hot, and if we turn down the wattage, we are waiting for the coils to heat up.
Well, that's exactly how a pwm circuit works!…

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building your own LIPO mod-Part 2-The Battery

Disclaimer-I am not an expert! I do not recommend, or vouch for batteries in any way! I do not test batteries in any way! This is just a collection of data that I have compiled after hours of research. This is not everything you need to know, just what I have compiled. The data is presented to you for your own interpretation.

Lipo battery Safety Links-Read these!
this list of safety links will be updated as I find more, to give the reader as much information as I can…

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Building your own LIPO mod-Part 1-The box

Disclaimer-I'm not an expert, manufacturer, or tech guru in any way. I'm a landscape mason. I took electrial courses in high school-15 years ago. Nothing I say should be taken as advice. I am not affilliated with any manufacturer, and do not endorse any product. I'm just a man with a need for a product I cannot afford. And I have a knack for knowing what I can, and cannot do or learn how to do.
This is not meant to be a tutorial on how to build anything. This is just the data I've collected,…

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Think It’s time i get in to sub ohm RTA’s, what’s a good tank?

do i just build normally as i would but two coils?, as before i was seeing you have to look out for pos + neg poles etc, plus the high vg juices are driving me mad, they just don't taste nice at 15 watts, maybe it's just my builds but i put some Dinner Lady Lemon Tart in my Squape Rs earlier, and it was just mute…. but there's such a big selection of flavours in the Sub Ohm category.