Tobeco Super Tank/Super Tank Mini vs Original Crown Tank??

Hi all – does anyone have experience with both the original Crown and either of the Tobeco Super Tanks? Curious how they compare?

I absolutely love my original Crown tank, but over time I started encountering the issue where taking off the top cap to refill would disassemble the whole tank. I recently bought the Crown 2 (against my better judgement, but heard they fixed the coils), and even with their newest coils, I'm not having very good luck. Barely get 24 hours of good vape time off…

<a href="”>Tobeco Super Tank/Super Tank Mini vs Original Crown Tank??

Battery Amps Headspace/Variance


What if I had a 20A battery and I built a coil with the resistance of 0.25, that would make the amps 14.8 (I'm not really gonna build this as a beginner just yet, I need to get familiar with everything first), I want to make sure I stay safe. Is 5amps enough for headspace/variance? If it is not enough, I can build up to 0.5 (or even higher) and that's already fine and will satisfy me, with 10Amps of headspace.

*EDIT* WOW, I just realized what a 0.5ohm build can do, it actually blows…

<a href="”>battery Amps Headspace/Variance