Making my first mod…


Need to find an enclosure for these.

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Not really…I am making my first mod though. I've got everything (enclosure, mosfets, resistors, 510, switch, etc) I need except the wire. I've spent about three weeks researching and planning but everywhere I look, people say something different.

So what's your opinion? Solid or Stranded? 14, 16, 18 gauge?

The mod I'm making is…

<a href="”>Making my first mod…

A better mouse trap (ohms law calculator)

Edit: My bad.. steam-engine does actually give the same results. But I do like the set up of this one a bit more.

Watts/Volts/Amps/Ohms conversion calculator

Here is an example. (EXAMPLE ONLY!)

Enter watts: ??
Enter volts: 3.7
Enter amps: ??
Enter ohms:0.05
Enter watts: 273.8
Enter volts: 3.7
Enter amps: 74
Enter ohms:0.05

Results are in bold.

Now as i said, this is an…

<a href="”>A better mouse trap (ohms law calculator)