Problems with an okl t20 box mod

So 2 weeks ago I builded an okl t20 box mod following this tutorial:
How to Build OKL T20 Box Mod Tutorial – FindMyVapes
This is the diagram:

And this is my box <img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie13″ alt=”:)” title=”Smile :)” />:

<a href="”>Problems with an okl t20 box mod

TFV8 coils : Quad vs 6 vs octa VS a big dual fused clapton?

I got a tfv8 a few weeks ago and love it. For years I was using just a simple rda with a 2.5ohm single stranded coil at about 10 watts with a tiny air hole and the vapor was nothing like this.

Along with the TFV8, I got a bunch of new RDAs and RTAs like the Vaporesso Gemini, madhatter V2 RDA, and some fused Clapton wire. The only thing besides the prebuilt TFV8 coils I used so far was the madhatter with a .45 dual Clapton (one of the coils doesn't light up nearly as quickly as the other, so…

<a href="”>TFV8 coils : Quad vs 6 vs octa VS a big dual fused clapton?

Ground up Basics to build a Mod

I know about Ohm, Watt, Amper, Current, but i have no knowledge about the electric parts of a Mod and for what i have to care, to buy the right parts and build a good Mod.
Iam looking for a Tutorial, what explain all the parts i need to build a mod (regulated and/or unregulated) from Ground.
Also about parts what are a optional!
And not at least, how they work together.
If anyone knows about a source like that, i pls you to write me the link(s)!
I hope you understand what iam…

<a href="”>Ground up Basics to build a Mod

110->?->RDA: What do I look for?

I do not even presume to attempt a plug into the wall via an xbox 360 or laptop power supply to RDA myself. I had an ex work mate who was working on one (xbox 360 route), but that job ended before he completed the project, and well he fired me so we do not keep in touch <img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie19″ alt=”:p” title=”Stick Out Tongue :p” />

Like others have expressed on these forums, I would like to save my batteries for when I am out and mobile. I have not, however, found (I admit largely due to not being able to recognize terminology) the right thread…

<a href="”>110->?->RDA: What do I look for?

Nickel wire coil for temp mode

I like temp mode and all my experience is with nickel wire. I'd like to try making some Clapton coils using nickel wire that will work in the temp mode. I've just ordered some pretty small nickel wire, it's coming from China and will take a while. I've already tried some premade Claptons which I didn't like because they were made with a thicker wire which took a while to heat up and would only work in the watts mode. I'd like a Clapton made of a few twisted thin wires, I'd like to see if…

<a href="”>Nickel wire coil for temp mode