Burning Coils, is this normal?

I'm using an ego one clr rebuildable head on an evic vtc mini. I'm using .38mm SS316L with 5 wraps on a 3mm screwdriver, and the coil reads at 5ohms (approx).

Firstly, it just doesnt seem to work on VT at all, i'll have it set at 30w and 420f and it just tastes burnt. When I used ti wire (4mm), I would have it set at 65w and 510f and no problems at all.

On power mode, it's generally fine but I cant seem to go above 30w without it burning. Even If I have it at 25-29w it will burn if I…

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Could use an answer about my first Ni200 0.15 build

Now my mod, the VTC Mini uses Ni coils at a range of 0.05-1.0ohm. This might sound silly, but my build is at 0.16 and i made it this way because my other mod(SUBVOD MEGA) uses Ni heads with a Min Ohm of .15 coils( does not say 0.15) Just want to make sure i have this right so both mods can use this build, 0.15 and .15 is the same(told you it was a stupid question but i want to be as safe as possible when making and using Ni coils).

Soo all should be good right?