Need some advice

I was recently given an IPV3-S that had a bad battery sled. The mod itself was pretty tore up too. Everything still works board wise, and I'm planning on transplanting it.
Question 1:
Will the board run off of two 26650's?
Question 2:
Will the board and a 26650 sled fit in a Hammond box with a Fat Daddy 510?
Question 3:
Is it even worth dicking with? I might have a Fuchai with a bad 510 coming in soon…

Thanks in advance,

ok im brand new to drippers i need some help

i just got rig v2 mec mod brass using x1 rda on it oand when i put it on my fuchai 200w tank its reads .030 is that low the coils are bulid 20g dual coils i know some people have 1.00 or 2.00 ohm how do i make mine have that high oh ohm and how to get bigger clouds as well and any recommendation on battieres using samsung 18650 2500 mah 3.7v any help will help out thanks

510 threading

So I'm building a couple of mods and I would like to thread the 510's in to the boxes. This is because sometimes the backup nut just isn't holding it in place as well as I'd like.

I've got a few fat daddy connectors laying around (v4 and v5) as well as some varitube (v3 and v4)…..anyone know the thread pattern of these?

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Horizon krixus

I was wondering in temp mode, which do I use since there isn't a tungsten class on my koopor plus. Just ni, ti and ss. I do know the tcr has to be set at 0.0045 and I did do that in ti mode but wanted to make sure that was the way to go?

It is great as for flavour and clouds go. It is a great tank so far but time will tell though. Might get pissed if rewicking doesn't go as planned but I don't think it will be a problem as I watched a lot of youtube videos on it before I purchased it….”>Horizon krixus

DIY Open-source open-hardware TC/Variwatt mod (STM32 based)

Since my DIY arduino mod has a lot of restrictions, i've choosed the STM32F373C8T6 MCU for my next one. This is my first project with the STM32 hardware, so it has some problems yet. But since it is open-source/open-hardware – everyone can make it better!

The main repository (with PCB gerber files and schematics):
GitHub – vasimv/StmSmoke: Open-source (GPL) STM32F373C8T6 based vaping mod, up to 140W, to use with LiPo 2S 500 mAh

The mod is:…”>DIY Open-source open-hardware TC/Variwatt mod (STM32 based)

Adjustable 510 connector.

No, I'm not speaking of height adjustment screws. Those who vape with the tilting type genesis atomizers should know what I am talking about.
For example, when we screw on an Origen the air hole might end up in an odd position for us to tilt. I am trying to think of a new 510 design which could allow the atty to be turned to a desired position after screwing in. I am thinking of using ball plungers to allow for turning increments but have no solution for a locking mechanism to a lower plate…”>Adjustable 510 connector.

Sub-Ohm Dual Clapton Coil Help

Hi. I bought my first sub-ohm tank (Triton v2) last week and it's the best vape I've ever had but the coil heads only last me a few hours. I've been using the 0.5 ohm clapton coil heads at 45 Watts. So to save money, I just bought the dual coil Aromamizer with velocity style deck and some 26/32 gauge clapton kanthal wire.
I've never built or vaped a dual coil before. Can anyone tell me about how many wraps I would need on each coil to get a similar experience as I got on the Triton? Also…”>Sub-Ohm Dual Clapton Coil Help