Good knockoff rba that works well in the atlantis v2?” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>$2.81 Replacement Rebuildable RBA Coil Head for Atlantis Clearomizer – 0.5ohm at FastTech – Worldwide Free Shipping

Looking for something like that for my atlantis v2, preferably a good knock off (I'm cheap) that doesn't suck as bad as this knockoff.

No I don't want to build my own coils. Thanks!

VTC Mini Ver 3.0.1 SS316 new Ohm range

Here is what it says about new upgrades for SS316(it also supports the other SS wires) But here

"Previous updates
It is newly added with SS316 mode which especially goes with BF SS316 head.
At the same time, in VT mode, the resistance range has upgraded to 0.05-1.5ohm.

Does this mean i can use a SS316 coil build (lets say 26ga SS316 .8Ohm 2.5mm 6 wraps) In TC mode?

Just want some advice, i want to order some wire, have new kit and coil master all waiting to be used. These coils would be…”>VTC Mini Ver 3.0.1 SS316 new Ohm range

fire button went mushy

So I have this sxk vapor flask clone that I love and use daily. The fire button used to have this over accentuated tactile "CLICK" that one day just went away. It still fires but the button is all mushy. I took the button assembly apart to see if there was any juice gunking up the switch but it looks pretty clear.

I did find out what the switch looks like and it's very similar looking to one of these:

Are…”>fire button went mushy

Evic VTC Mini board swap.

I'm curious if any one has done a transplant using the Evic VTC mini's board. I have the device and like using it but am not too crazy for the 510 they use in it. My atty's don't really screw in all the way causing them to wobble slightly. Drives me nuts. To me this is really the weak point of the device, a poor choice of 510's. I've seen videos showing the breakdown of the box and it looks like it wouldn't be all that difficult to swap the board into another enclosure using a solid 510, VT…”>Evic VTC Mini board swap.

Series parallel switch ?

Hey guys, I'm building an unregged dual 18650 box mod thats using a mosfet. I love the small form factor of a dual 18650, but like both series and parallel setups. Is there a circuit or switch I can set up which would allow me to switch between a series circuit and a parallel circuit with the simple flick of a switch?

I know a DPDT would work, but I can't find on that can carry a high enough current and am confused about the wiring. Any help?


DNA200 better charging solutions?

So I thought I could get away with an all day vape on a 1.3wh battery, but it looks like I'm consistently going to drain it before my day is over. 1A charging takes forever. Is the vaporshark daughter board being sold to DIYers? How many of you have pigtailed another balance charge port to the enclosure and use an r/c charger? I hate the idea of swapping batteries (trying to get the blasted thing in and out of there is a pain in the butt, and as of right now the power is just soldered in)….”>DNA200 better charging solutions?