Come in and check out the best wholesale price from original E-cigarette manufacturer

Hi, every E-cigarette fans there
Here is Leo from Jecintta Tech, your original E-cigarette manufacturer and exporter.
Here I list some price of E-cigarettes for wholesale, more info will be given after your PM.
E-shisha for wholesale: 1-2usd/pc
E-pipe for wholesale: 21-26usd/pc
eGo-CE4/CE5 blister kits: 4-4.5usd/pc
eGo-CE4/CE5 double kits: 9-11usd/pc

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Flavor Wicks Scorching???

Hey all, quick question. I just started trying the Kanger ProTank 2. After every couple of tanks of juice, I go to clean it and dry burn the coil. When I take it apart, I notice that the flavor wicks are burnt. What could I be doing wrong? I keep it vertical during vaping, so I’m not sure if I am just taking draws from it that are too long or that I’m not giving it the time it needs to re-wick after each draw? I vape Boba’s (nearly 100% VG), so maybe I should be cleaning/dry burning after every tank? I’m using 2.2 ohm heads and vape at 6.5 – or 7.0 watts (if that is helpful information). Help. Thanks.

Horribly wrong coil…

I use 3mm cotton wicks with 32 (30?) Gauge kanthal. With about 4-5 so so wraps I get 1.5 ohms.
But my coils seem to last a week AT MOST. This last one lasted about 3 days and is losing flavor and vapor exponentially. Also, there is this nasty, black custies on the coil and the wick is definitely burnt. I shwonk BEFORE I get a dry hit, but sometimes on creeps through.
Please excuse my photo, I’m at work. <a href="” title=”Name: IMG_20130907_114300.jpg
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Could I be wrapping it too tight around the wick so its not wicking enough? I double up the wick as I’ve seen in some videos…
Should I change my material to something else to keep with from happening? I don’t know anything except cotton…:facepalm:
Please help. Give me options for other builds or something…I don’t know anything about micro coils and am very new to rebuilding still.
I hate being a newb when it comes to the advanced stuff:facepalm:
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how long before chemicals in tobacco leave your body?

hi all,
i’ve been steadily replacing cigarettes with vaporising,,, and cigarettes have steadily lost their appeal to me.
i have today; for the first time ever gone 5 hours without a cigarette and a consequent massive emotional upheaval..
in the past the distress upon quitting always drags me back to tobacco, but i’m coping just fine with my e-cig.. and i don’t ever intend to smoke tobacco again.

i’m just wandering how long it will take my body to get rid of the 4000~ chemicals in tobacco smoke?

i love the setup i have: vision 1100mah + a Protank2.
its awesome.

i just want to start cleaning out all that crap from tobacco; my lungs already feel relieved having not had 7-8 cigarettes today..
but i’m aware the chemicals distribute through your body; and i want them gone:D


What is your favorite day to day drip set up (wick/wire, type of coil, ohms etc)??

Nowadays all I do is drip. I am in the middle of deciding between buying a KayFun Lite (the reg KayFun is simply too expensive) or just buying a ReoGrand and calling it a day. However, for the time being I am trying to figure out what configuration I like the best, when dripping day to day.

I have gone from .3ohms, up to about 1.6ohms and it’s hard to find a sweet spot. I tend to think I like it right around .5-.8ohms. I feel like I get a decent amount of vapor, and it’s not over the top hot.

I have:
28g kanthal
27g kanthal
30g kanthal
.5mm ribbon (hate this stuff. hard to work with, doesn’t pull and stay tight around the wick and is overall a nightmare to work with imo)
3mm ekowool
3mm silica

I’d like to hear what combo of wire/wick, along with how many wraps, how many times you fold over your wick before wrapping, and typically what kind of resistance you are at.

Pictures are welcome 🙂