HELP – is my protank safe?

Just rebuilt my protank SR head with a vivi nova LR coil. It was tough and it looks terrible (sorry, no pics, too scared to open it back up) but I noticed I’m getting TONS of vapor… but also much louder popping. Is this safe to vape? I haven’t noticed anything bad yet, just clouds upon CLOUDS of vapor. Do the normal LR heads do this, too?

My biggest test…

Made it through my first night out drinking at the bar, and no analogs! It’s been 30 days now, but I was pretty afraid I’d be dying for a smoke. Was nice, since I could use my pv in the bar, and went through 3ml in a few hours, but yea! No smokes. Anyone else have that kind of ah ha moment, where they realized they’d hit that kind of milestone?

I have stumbled upon an immense and entirely unknown universe… HALP!

About a week ago I got the itch to quit smoking (again) and thought "Hey, perhaps one of those new-fangled e-cigarette things would help." So without doing any research whatsoever I sauntered over to the nearest pharmacy where I thought I had seen one and bought myself a Blu starter kit. For the first couple days I thought I had found salvation in a little black box, and I didn’t even (barely) want to smoke any real cigarettes. But then one of the carts failed. And then I started to feel like the batteries should last longer. And then I found myself wanting more profuse clouds of vapor. And then I started doing some research. And then I realized I basically wasted 60 bucks. And now I’m trying to decide what to buy. I’m fairly certain I want an eGo, but there are so many minor variations to choose from I’m doing that human thing where my desire to keep my options open prevents me from making decisions. I’m not made of money. Can anyone point me to the most adaptable and inexpensive eGo kit, and perhaps tell me if/why any one liquid storage method is better than any other?

The newest newb.


Ok so I have the new GP Paps V2.1, brass contacts in 18350. I’m using aw 18350 700mAh 3.7v battery. Now, ever since I got my iHybrid synthesis rba, if I hold the button on the Paps for more than 5,6,7 seconds or so the button starts to heat up. Not to mention the vapor production sucks, compared to what I know it should be. And also, if i take off the synth, put tge 510 connector cap back on the paps, and just put a regular nova tank on, it feels noticeably weaker than when i first started using it. (**Note. Batteries are fully charged when this is happening.) My guess is that the battery has shorted out but I’m not 100% sure. Any suggestions?

Tell me what to buy – a little help spending my $

😳 Okay, I’m sitting on the ProVape website getting ready to buy one of these 🙂 I’m fairly new to vaping, so I need a little help…

I work from home and I don’t really expect to carry this thing around outside of the house. I have a few eGos so I have a bunch of stuff for that (LOVE my ProTanks and T3s). I’m told I need a connector to use my ProTanks but hubby says ProTanks are 510 threaded already, that’s why we use the collar thingy with the eGos. True?

So… I also want to be able to drip, I can see the benefit for taste-testing. The kit I’m looking at comes with some cartomizers (never used those before, but whatever). Is that what I would use to drip or do I need to add an atomizer? I assume I need a drip tip of some sort?

Being that I work from home and it comes with 2 standard batteries, I’m thinking I’ll use the standard ones and decide later if I want bigger batteries or not.

Hoping someone is hanging around tonight before I change my mind for the 10th time. LOL!

Bad part is that it looks like the kits only come in silver. I was really wanting purple, but I priced it out and it’s cheaper to go with the kit. I can "Jwrap" it later 🙂

Thanks in advance. You guys are seriously the most helpful bunch!

Vapig Daily now launched on YouTube

Hello everybody my name is Tyler, the host and founder of Vaping Daily. We are a new YouTube channel that specializes in mod reviews along with reviews on every aspect of Vaping. We have been embedded in the Vaping culture for a while now, and were always frustrated with the lack of to the point short form reviews/overviews of products. So I came up with the Idea of Vaping Daily, it started off with just me and a webcam and a 900mah ego style passthrough. A friend of mine saw the video and he wanted to help with the production of the videos, along with some of the creative aspects. So then the same local vendor that provided me the passthrough sponsored another video with a Vamo.
Anyway this is our first short form video review/overview of a product together and most certainly not our last. Everyone in the world knows of/has a vamo so it was a good place to start. I was hoping you all in the community could give us some feedback on what we could do to improve the reviews, because we really love making them. What could we cover in more depth that we didn’t? and advice would be Great.
If you enjoy our videos pleas comment, rate and subscribe so we can keep producing these videos for you guys out there in the community!

We will eventually have a three video a week release schedule, and will tighten up our reviews especially as we learn more about the process of making them, and more about all the different products. We will also be doing give aways of some of the items we are provided to us starting with our next video.
Another goal of ours is to shoot more creative videos centered in the culture of vaping so if that’s something you find interesting please subscribe as well!

What cartos/clearos are you guys using?

I’ve been vaping for a pretty long time, but can’t seem to settle on the perfect delivery system. I had a good batch of stardusts from juggy that lasted me a bunch of refills, but the next batch I got all started tasting awful quickly. Ordered some kanger T3’s and I’m not impressed with those either.
I decided to go back to basics and ordered some boge cartos, they taste awful by the second day 🙁
I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong with the clearomisers, when they start to taste bad I wash them out, but they never taste the same again, so my question is….

What is everyone using nowadays? Is there a great option out there that I’m missing out on? I’m about to make an order from canvape because I’m really low on cartos right now and I can’t decide what to get!!!

Help please!

T3 or X2 Clearomizer???

I just ordered the 650 spinner and X2 clearomizer. I ordered the 650 to take out places and I’m gonna order the 1300 for at home. I thought about ordering the mini T3 for when I go out and the T3 when I’m home.

My question is, I’ve heard not so good things with the T3. Are they really that bad? And what exactly is the difference between the T3 and the X2 clearomizers other then the size?

BTW, I ordered my eliquid 70/30 from Heather’s Heavenly Vapors. Anyone have any opinions on eliquids from there?