Interested in Uwell Crown 3 but my VT167 has 6V cutoff

Hey all, I bought a Hcigar VT167(DNA250) and Big Baby beast in February, love the mod, the baby beast had some issues for me… Anyway I decided to use my Uwell Crown again yesterday and I found out the Hcigar VT167 has a 6V cut off making it not great for 0.5 ohm coils, especially SS since its resistance goes up as you fire. The mod would keep reading "Ohm too high" at around 67 watts (power).

If I get the Crown 3 and want to use my VT167 I suppose I should only order 0.25 SS coils,…

<a href="”>Interested in Uwell Crown 3 but my VT167 has 6V cutoff

The use of one battery instead of two ?


I would like to know if it was possible to use one battery 18650 with chipset OKL2-T/20-W12N2 for Hexohm 2.1 by craving vapor . Initially there is two batteries 18650.

Do you think it is possible and how i can do this please ?

Thank for your answers <img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie13″ alt=”:)” title=”Smile :)” />

aspire cleito

Is it just me or is there someone else feeling disatisfied with this tank for me anyway I just can't seem to get vapor I'm looking for or to the point of burning my lips because I have to crank it up so high that its no longer comfortable to vape I tried coils .4 and .2 ohms and really can't seem to get that tank to my comfort zone . I'm disappointed because here in Canada a aspire cleito and a pack of 5 coils ran me 97$ with taxes so its a bit of money for something you don't enjoy any…

<a href="”>aspire cleito