New to mech mods, smok magneto 2 help?

So I just ordered and received my first mech mod today, the Smoktech Magneto 2. However, I'm a little bit hesitant to start using it as I'm not too educated on mech mods and battery safety. Can anyone give me advice on how to properly use a mech mod, or even how you use your smoktech magneto 2 if you own one? On hand, I currently have (besides the mod) an 18650VTC4 2100mAh 3.7V 30 amp IMR battery, an efest 18350 700mAh 3.7V (not sure on amps), as well as a double vision rda with a 0.21ohm…

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lets talk uwell crown V2

Hi y'all, so i picked up the v2 crown a couple a days ago. So far, eeehh. I like the size of it, 24 mm tank, and does look nice. Comes with a preinstalled .25 ss coil and a .5 ss coil, which is nice on my rx 200. But after a couple of days i have been getting a hit like a dry hit or hotspot. But everything is looking good. Popped the pin off and inspected. Its rated 60-100 watts(which i don't believe) i ran it 60, 55, 50 and as low as 40. burnt throat hit minor sizzle from coil. Its not my…

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Question: 3-13V to 5-15V Matek DC-DC Voltage Boost

Anyone used this before? I'm trying to build a single 26350 regulated box mod in a Hammond 1590H enclosure. I've been looking for a Voltage boosting chip that will fit in that for the longest time. Since I mainly vape at 1.8-2ohm at 4.7-5v, I barely draw 3A from the battery. Plus this is a really tiny chip.

I've searched this forum and never found any mention of this voltage booster, wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Any reason why this won't work?…

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Need some advice with building my 3P unreg box mod

So I'm building an unregulated triple parallel 18650 box mod. Now the main reason I'm building this is so I can use my super low ohm coil builds with more peace of mind.
I plan to use this mosfet…hyDBzk1/Wi5vIKI30lxcJdx0By8b2zMOiHC3hqtgzPw==
Now here's what I need advice with. With a triple parallel box I get 3x the app limit that I get from a single battery. So I…​

<a href="”>Need some advice with building my 3P unreg box mod