The use of one battery instead of two ?


I would like to know if it was possible to use one battery 18650 with chipset OKL2-T/20-W12N2 for Hexohm 2.1 by craving vapor . Initially there is two batteries 18650.

Do you think it is possible and how i can do this please ?

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aspire cleito

Is it just me or is there someone else feeling disatisfied with this tank for me anyway I just can't seem to get vapor I'm looking for or to the point of burning my lips because I have to crank it up so high that its no longer comfortable to vape I tried coils .4 and .2 ohms and really can't seem to get that tank to my comfort zone . I'm disappointed because here in Canada a aspire cleito and a pack of 5 coils ran me 97$ with taxes so its a bit of money for something you don't enjoy any…

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3d printing a mod? mind blown

Here's the story.
You have an idea in your head, a mod, not just any mod, THE mod. The one you want. The one you're determined to build.
Anxiously grabbing pen and any paper like substance that takes ink, you sketch out a disaster of a concept. Then start sourcing parts. Then start taking measurements. Then…
Brick wall. Maybe it's that chip that doesn't fit in a hammond or cnc. Maybe the shape is all wrong. Maybe nothing will fit those cool new sanyo 20700s you need. There are many…

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TFV8 Cloud Beast Leaks When Filling

ive had the cloud beast for 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. A few times though Ives has leaks.

I went through all the YouTube videos to fix and that all mostly worked for gross leaks. Now I only get a small amount of leaking when I refill the tank.

I think I figured out my problem. When I fill I kind of have to push/force the bottle tip into the rubber fill port. I think forcing it into and then pulling it out of the rubber is causing the rubber to distort and let liquid pass…

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