Ground up Basics to build a Mod

I know about Ohm, Watt, Amper, Current, but i have no knowledge about the electric parts of a Mod and for what i have to care, to buy the right parts and build a good Mod.
Iam looking for a Tutorial, what explain all the parts i need to build a mod (regulated and/or unregulated) from Ground.
Also about parts what are a optional!
And not at least, how they work together.
If anyone knows about a source like that, i pls you to write me the link(s)!
I hope you understand what iam…

<a href="”>Ground up Basics to build a Mod

110->?->RDA: What do I look for?

I do not even presume to attempt a plug into the wall via an xbox 360 or laptop power supply to RDA myself. I had an ex work mate who was working on one (xbox 360 route), but that job ended before he completed the project, and well he fired me so we do not keep in touch <img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie19″ alt=”:p” title=”Stick Out Tongue :p” />

Like others have expressed on these forums, I would like to save my batteries for when I am out and mobile. I have not, however, found (I admit largely due to not being able to recognize terminology) the right thread…

<a href="”>110->?->RDA: What do I look for?

Nickel wire coil for temp mode

I like temp mode and all my experience is with nickel wire. I'd like to try making some Clapton coils using nickel wire that will work in the temp mode. I've just ordered some pretty small nickel wire, it's coming from China and will take a while. I've already tried some premade Claptons which I didn't like because they were made with a thicker wire which took a while to heat up and would only work in the watts mode. I'd like a Clapton made of a few twisted thin wires, I'd like to see if…

<a href="”>Nickel wire coil for temp mode

Sub-ohming can’t be safe..

.. for electronics, that is <img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie13″ alt=”:)” title=”Smile :)” /> right? i notice even with a fan going AND a dehumidifier i still get condensation/a layer of film over some of my electronics in my man-vape-cave. Like on my cable box, i notice on the screen, the inside is foggy now, like where you see the time/channel it's on. And on my fan.. lol it actually drips water from the vapor after a few hours under the fan blades lol. This is all with a dehumidifier going as well!

I just read so many conflicting reports saying…

<a href="”>Sub-ohming can't be safe..

I’m having issues with the UWell Crown II, and it’s not good.

I purchased the Crown II yesterday afternoon. I primed and installed the .50ohm Coil and sat around 55w enjoying the great taste and cloud. I decided to change the juice and that's when all hell broke lose apparently.

Before I was done using even 3/4s of the juice I just put in the tank for the second time I got dry hits. Dry hits left and right. They got so bad I had to stop using my vaporizer for the rest of the night.

This morning I decided to change the coil with a replacement coil…

<a href="”>I'm having issues with the UWell Crown II, and it's not good.

UWell V3 Crown 2 Coil Update/Info

I purchased new Crown 2 Coils from UWell a couple days ago and they arrived today in the mail.

After seeing reviewers have a grey band around the coil and saw the black one around the ones I just ordered from UWell I gave them a call.

Spoke to a gentleman there who was friendly and told me that the grey bands that people were seeing in <a href="” rel=”nofollow”>reviews were for the reviewers only so they could differentiate between V2 and V3. All the V3 coils now being produced have the same appearance as the V2…

<a href="”>UWell V3 Crown 2 Coil Update/Info

Coverting a Smok Silenus or iTaste 134 into a mech mod?

Hi everyone, Ive dont some searching for a video or guide or even someone having done this before and I cant seem to find anything so wanted to ask, I have recently been able to get either a Smok Silenus or iTaste 134 which are both 18650 single cells but are regulated down to low watt output. I was wondering if anyone had any experience in taking these apart or where to start looking to remove the regulation and use it as an unregulated mech mod. Heck even a guide to disassembly would be great.

motley mods

I am looking in to ordering a few parts kits from motley mods…has anyone ordered from them before, I have had a hard time finding any <a href="” rel=”nofollow”>reviews for the company. They are reasonably priced and well stocked…..any input would be great!